Mapping Data Innovators

  • Huron Geomatics Inc. (HGI) offers advanced utility and municipal asset data collection, mapping, and analysis – with a focus to informing organizations about their critical assets
  • We deliver breakthrough speed and cost-saving alternatives to traditional survey and measurement methods, automating and deepening every aspect of data collection
  • Our technicians optimize field inventory analysis using Mobil light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) Mapping, 3D Laser Scanning, UAV Aerial Mapping, and GPS/GIS Mapping
  • These previously impractical or unobtainable data-sets inform high-order/high-value decision making for field operations and investments, strengthening record-keeping to new levels, while defending against unrecognized business and litigation risks
  • HGI personnel supply thorough reports for identified needs, or train client data-mining teams to give you unparalleled management control of your operations
  • This new cost-effective realm of site data accumulation and management defines the future for utility and municipal plant operations, development, and modernization
"Photo of Huron Geomatics engineers setting up 3-D laser scanning equipment

Remote-Sensing Data Specialists

HGI brings innovation, economies-of-scale and unmatched quality to the task of topographical, infrastructure, and asset data collection – merging advanced remote sensing technologies with GIS/ CAD to create actionable business intelligence.

Proud Member of the OEC Team

As part of the OEC Infrastructure Group, we’re able to offer a broader range of services than any competitor. Our highly skilled project teams, advanced technologies and equipment, progressive job practices, and financial strength set us apart.

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