Products & Services

Huron works with Energy Utilities, Telecom, Infrastructure firms, Industrial Companies, Campuses, Municipalities and Transportation Enterprises providing the following services:


Vehicle-Based Mapping

Sensors and cameras mounted to a mobile platform allow operators to merge LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) data with video feeds to capture detailed asset inventories while driving at normal vehicle speeds.


Stationary 3D Laser Scanning

HGI creates precise maps of interior and exterior spaces, replacing standard surveys, while creating better results at a fraction of traditional cost.


Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mapping

HGI flies unmanned aerial drones to capture high resolution inspection data, achieving new levels of asset management efficiency.


Field GPS Data Collection

HGI utilizes Trimble’s latest GPS/GNSS mapping technology to deliver geospatial mapping that can achieve sub-decimeter accuracy (<10cm).


GIS/CAD Consulting

All collected data is integrated into standard applications, such as Autodesk/AutoCAD, ESRI/ArcGIS etc., to provide a foundation for detailed analysis.

Photo of Huron Geomatics engineer working on a computer in the mobile LiDAR mapping vehicle.

Charting Your Future Without Bias

HGI is unaligned with respect to software applications used in data analysis and reporting – allowing us complete freedom to implement an optimal toolset and workflow for your unique business needs.

Industry’s Safest Operators

Our award winning “Stayin' Alive Safety Program” is implemented within all of our companies. OEC is committed to achieving the very highest standard of public and workplace safety.

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